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Rio Water Week

Rio Water Week

The AVS Group participated in Rio Water Week, which was held for the first time in Brazil from November 26 to 28 in Rio de Janeiro.

An area integrated to the main plenary of the event, without structural divisions that will allow the congressman to access the exhibition area and interact with the exhibitors without interfering in their participation in the congresses. It will be a unique opportunity to position your company in front of a qualified audience that will participate in the congresses theme in search of information.

Sustainable companies: the future of the market Defining sustainable guidelines, questioning old models and bringing the theme to business values ​​are actions that become more and more common for companies that operate in the market. With the introduction of new technologies, it is increasingly easy for each organization to fulfill its role of positively impacting society - whether by reducing the use of electricity, pollution in production processes or by undertaking social actions. The 12th edition of the Corporate Sustainability Monitor, a study carried out by the research and public opinion firm Market Analysis, revealed that positive actions leverage corporate reputation. According to the data collected, the main factors considered by the public are: - Responsible environmental performance (34.1% of mentions); - Evidence of ethical and transparent behavior (18.2% of mentions); - Social initiatives (17% of mentions).


Representatives of the Direct and Indirect Public Administration, in Technical positions and Specialists. Visitors in general: professionals in the industry in search of technical information and relationship with the market. Technical Committee: professionals from the national and international public and private companies sector. Press: Television, print and digital media.





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